Resources to Help You Plug In and Make Your Community Thrive

We all want to see our communities reach their full potential. The best drivers of change in any area are the people who live there, so if you want to see your community thrive, take the initiative to make it happen. Giving the Basics offers some ideas for where to start:


Looking for hands-on ways to help local nonprofits? Here are some great forms of volunteering:
  • Connect with neighbors to organize a Dignity Drive for Giving the Basics and volunteer to sort and count your gatherings.  
  • Skilled volunteer work helps nonprofits while giving your resume a boost.
  • Still sheltering in place? Here are some at-home ways to help local animal welfare efforts.
  • Add some community involvement to your walks by picking up trash you spot on the way.


Making a difference can get expensive - causes need your support:
  • Consider fitting a recurring donation to a cause you care about into your monthly budget.
  • If you have a knack for fundraising, apply to work at a nonprofit.
  • Earning a business degree could put you on the path to running your own nonprofit. 

Community Building

A community is strongest when neighbors are friends:
  • Lead by example and get to know your neighbors.
  • Organize block parties and other community-wide groups.
  • Advocate for cultural events to raise diversity awareness, arts involvement, and overall happiness.

Political Involvement

Want to fight for systemic change? Get involved in local government:
We hope this article inspires you to do what you can for your local community. By joining together with your neighbors and fighting for positive change, you can help your area become a happier, healthier, safer place to be.

Giving the Basics is dedicated to upholding the dignity of those in need by gathering and providing necessary hygiene products. To learn how you can volunteer or donate, connect with us today!

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