Our Impact

“Does anyone out there know what it is like to have people turn away from you because you smell? Well I do and its not a good feeling because it makes you feel worse than you already do. I want to buy soap and shampoo but then I can’t pay my light bill. My food stamps keep me from starving but they can’t buy me things to keep me clean. So thank you for making available the items through my pantry because you make me feel better and healthy and I can work.” 
– Redemptorist client

See what our volunteers, product recipients and partner organizations have to say about the impact we’ve made in their lives.

“As a single 32 year old mother of 5 struggles with mounting cancer bills and her precipitously declining health, hygiene products from Giving the Basics help provide her with relief.  Financial resources are stretched to the limit as she dedicates every spare penny to keeping the lights on in her meager apartment and paying for medicine to prolong her life by a few more weeks so she can spend precious moments with her children as possible.  She wants to keep her children and home clean so she can focus on nurturing them and sharing her love with them in their remaining time together.” – Social worker from Jewish Vocational Services

Local Mission, National Impact

Giving the Basics has made a significant impact in Kansas City and is proud to encompass Wichita, Kansas as the first city in our National Expansion Program.  Giving the Basics Wichita is in its inaugural year serving those in need in the greater Wichita area.Several organizations and individuals in the Wichita area have recognized the necessity to bring hygiene products to those in need through an organized entity, particularly through awareness efforts of Giving the Basics Wichita partners. Giving the Basics aspires to further nationalize the hygiene hub concept and aims to bring support to those most in need in the U.S. Contact us to learn more about bringing Giving the Basics to your city

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